A Sega Dreamcast Emulator

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Published on the play store, source is on github, OUYA is waiting submission.

If you want to get your hands dirty, here's the Android/OUYA apk. There's also a build for GCW Zero. And linux/armel (pandora, beaglebone, etc).
This is not release quality material. Use on your own risk

Revision log


How do I get this thing working?

Bios/flash have to be on /sdcard/dc/data/dc_boot.bin and /sdcard/dc/data/dc_flash.bin
Dump the bios from your dreamcast, and the games from the original gdroms (gdi or chd format).
Don't be a cheap pirate

We'll make the UI nicer and prettier the coming weeks.

Where's the source? What's this based on?

This is a fork/rewrite/remix of various versions of nulldc and nulldce
Source is up on GitHub

Supported platforms

Right now: android/armv7a, linux/armv7a
Soonish: android/x86, linux/x86, windows/x86
Later on: linux/mips, android/mips, wii/ppc, ps3/ppc, xbox/ppc

With love, the reicast team

-- drk
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