Depression, crowdfunding and open source emulators

by drkiiraziel


First, a nice story

I have been around in the emulation / open source communities for some time. I spent my early teenage years playing with epsxe and Project64. Soon I joined the emudev club with chip 8 and gameboy. My favorite console was Dreamcast - I could not afford to buy one growing up. I spent tons of hours on the local computer shop playing the demo discs. Inspired by project such as Icarus (DC) and pcsx2 (ps2) I decided it was time to switch focus to Dreamcast myself. After fooling around for some time, I met ZeZu and PsyMan in #emudev and nullDC was born in the following months. We did our first release in 2007. We always loved to share the source with friends and other emulator developers, and eventually the project went open source in 2010. A few years later, Reicast evolved as a reincarnation of nullDC, with a slightly different team.

Makes for a good story, no?

The truth is however more complicated. I intensely contributed to nullDC during my late teenage years, often hacking for days without sleep. As I was busy doing “important stuff” I failed university exams. Twice. I…

Smartphones, Tablets and... Overheating...

by The Reicast Team

In recent years, most embedded devices suffer from the same issues. It’s the same old story; again and again. State-of-the-art devices, top notch specifications, expensive to buy, yet they deliver underwhelming results. All that because their processors overheat.
It’s happening everywhere. On routers, netbooks, smartphones, tablets, modern TVs and even notebooks. It’s a plague, really.

Running software with high hardware requirements on such devices is problematic and leads to all sorts of issues. The ones blamed are most often the software developers whereas the culprit is the hardware, the device.

The steps are straightforward:

-You run your favorite highly demanding game/emulator/whatever

-It works fine for a while

-It slows down unexpectedly and stays like that until you quit

The worse part is that you cannot do anything about the issue unless you add active cooling to the hardware. I’m referring to a cooling fan, at least!
If the device is a router or a notebook you just might be able to do something. On a smartphone though… fan on a smartphone… yeah, right. Even if you took that route it’d be disastrous for the aesthetics and the battery life of the device.

The absolute worst part is identifying if and when your hardware is affected… Unless you’re an engineer, or you’ve read an article like this one. In that case you already know if your hardware is affected for certain.

The answer is simple. If your hardware is passively cooled then overheating will sooner or later happen. No way around that.

The tricky part is…

reicast, websockets & opengl (es) streaming

by drkiiraziel



For some reason, I was always fascinated with the idea of dreamcast on the cloud. The initial idea was to use amazon g2 instances + the grid api, but it felt like too much work for today, and my debit card was empty too.

Since reicast already has a websocket server build in (for some future…

R6 is out

by The Reicast Team

R6 is a bugfix release.


- Improved stability & game compatibility

- Much improved UI

- Cloud VMU

- Published on the OUYA store

- Lots of other assorted fixes