We’ve been made aware that there’s been some BS going around, mostly spread by some people in 4chan? that somehow redream is based on reicast and is somehow not worthy of love or such.

I’d like to personaly falsify such reports, as a core developer of both nullDC and Reicast, and as the current maintainer of Reicast.

Such rumors and other BS is just your run of the mill #emudrama and can and should be safely ignored.


To make it clear.

We love redream.

We think every developer has full rights to run his project as she/he/they see fit.

We think that friendly competition and collaboration is fun.

We want to see BSing stopped.

Please, for the love of god and kittens, don’t bring up this topic again.

And, most importantly, if you want to be toxic go talk to a therapist. Those people are both trained for, and get paid to endure that kind of behavior.

kthx internet, drk||Raziel (aka, ~skmp)